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‘Sensitive’ degrees in the AA chart Published: 20th April, 2018 I Author: Smiljana Gavrančić This article was first published in The Astrological Journal March/April 2018

‘Sensitive’ degrees in the AA chart
Published: 20th April, 2018 I Author: Smiljana Gavrančić

This article was first published in The Astrological Journal March/April 2018

 The primary ‘sensitive’ degrees in the AA’s horoscope (29º Capricorn/29º Cancer axis, in ‘transition’ to Aquarius 0º/Leo 0º) resonate clearly in the charts of its major players and events. These intriguing connections can be tracked not just through secondary and tertiary progressed charts, but also through solar arc directions and draconic astrology
(Natal birth details of prominent AA people are given at the end of this short essay where they are not given in chart captions. NB type of astrology system used in relation to chart caption dates)

 The Astrological Association of Great Britain (AAGB) was formed at 7:22 pm GMT on 21 June 1958. In 2018, the Astrological Association (it has since dropped “of Great Britain”) celebrates its 60th birthday and 50th annual conference. Among its founding members were John Addey and Brigadier Roy Firebrace, and among its supporters were Charles Carter and others from the Astrological Lodge of London, which is practically the ‘mother’ of the AA. 

In the AA chart, the [houses] 2/8 axis lies across 29º Capricorn/29º Cancer – in transition towards 0º Aquarius/0º Leo, square the lunar nodes axis (29º Aries/29º Libra). This axis (29º Capricorn/29º Cancer) proves to be very important in the affairs of the AA. When addressing the 2/8 axis of any organisation, we find insights into its financial health and income from membership, donations, gifts, etc. The square to the lunar nodes (as in the AA chart) is not an easy one and requires much effort to maintain cash flow.

At the moment of the AAGB’s founding, the progressed Sun of John Addey was at 0º Leo, ideal sign for the start-up (0º) of a ‘creation’ (Leo). Here we have ‘fire’ derived from the heart or a passion (Leo). Addey was the AAGB’s first president, and charting the course of his secondary (and even tertiary) progressions in his horoscope sheds fascinating light on the interplay between organisation and man (this is also true of the horoscopes of other important people connected to the AAGB, as I demonstrate below).

 The AA chart has a Moon/Pluto-Leo/Virgo conjunction in its 8th house, close to Regulus (aka one of the Royal Stars of Persia, “the Keeper of the North”) which may foretell the powerful woman who (following Regulus’ ingress of the female sign of Virgo on 28 November 2011, after 2,160 years in Leo) could become very prominent within the AA in the time to come. She may increase income and bring greater benefits to the organisation, in keeping within the meaning of the transformational and financial house of the 8th

In the draconic chart of the AA (which indicates the ‘soul’’s memory and purpose), there is Pluto (with the Moon applying to it from the 8th house of the AA’s chart) exactly at 0º Aquarius! Pluto is the power, but also the transformation. At 0º Aquarius, we also find the natal Moon of Charles Harvey, second president of the AAGB and its longest serving to date (21 years). Just as the progressed Sun of John Addey came to 0º Leo in the AA’s ‘birth’ year of 1958, so the progressed Sun of Charles Harvey came to 0º Leo in 1972, the year he took over the AAGB presidency. Also in 1972, the AAGB’s secondary progressed Mercury was also at 0º Leo. Mercury ‘carries’ the Sun at 29º Gemini, so this signifies the president who will head the organisation for a long time.

Nicholas Champion: he became AAGB president in 1994 – natal 3/9 axis across 0º Aquarius/0º Leo!

Roy Gillett: AA president since 1999; has Saturn at 29º Cancer 40’ in his draconic chart. In his natal chart, Saturn rules his Sun [Aquarius], and his Mercury and Jupiter are in Aquarius. Jupiter rules his Ascendant in Sagittarius, while Mercury rules his MC. On 8 September 2002, when Wendy Stacey was elected AAGB Chair, Roy’s tertiary Moon (woman) was at 0º Aquarius, while the AAGB’s solar arc directed Ascendant/Descendant axis, for that same day, lay across 0º Aquarius/0º Leo! Isn’t this amazing? 

In Wendy’s birth chart, the 5/11 axis lies across 29º Cancer/29º Capricorn, in transition to 0º Leo/0º Aquarius. The 5th house is of course the house of our creativity and creations, but it is also very important from the point of view of karmic astrology – it is regarded as the ‘Ascendant’ of our previous life. I find the fact that Wendy has the Sun at 29º Cancer 30’ in her draconic chart very interesting! 

Alan Leo: the founder of the Astrological Lodge of London (13 July 1915) has the cusp of his 12th house at 29º Cancer 23’, which is the 8th house (death, transformation) from the 5th house (Ascendant in the previous life).

The first AAGB annual conference was held on 20 September 1969. At this time, John Addey’s secondary progressed Mercury was retrograde at 29º Cancer 46’. His Mercury was still retrograde in 1972 when Charles Harvey became the president.

Charles Carter, the man who was a great support to and patron of the AAGB, had solar arc Moon at 29º Cancer 38’ at the moment of the very first conference! As we know, the seminal Carter Memorial Lecture is the centrepiece of every AA conference, held in memory of him.

Marking Charles Harvey’s enormous contribution to the AAGB, and astrology in general, we have the Charles Harvey Award for Exceptional Service to Astrology which is made every year. Among past winners are Frank Clifford, Wendy Stacey, Deborah Houlding, Dennis Elwell, Nick Campion and others. Roy Gillett received his award in 2009: in September of that year (the time of the conference), his progressed Moon was at 29º Capricorn 51’, in transition towards 0º Aquarius (the spot occupied by the Moon in the chart of Charles Harvey).

In September 2014, Victor Olliver became the editor of The Astrological Journal. His secondary progressed Moon will be at 29º Cancer 59’ on 21 June 2018 – when the AA celebrates its 60 years! To be Journal editor in this time represents a very important thing in Victor’s life, and I would say marks a great turning point as well, both for him and the AA! Victor has his Moon/Saturn midpoint at 29º Cancer, clearly indicating his karmic relationship with the AA.

Checking the ephemeris backwards, I find important eclipses at 0º Leo that might have had an influence on the AAGB. For space reasons I can give only one example: on 21 January 2000, a lunar eclipse at 0º Leo preceded the death of Charles Harvey in that year. In 2000 the award was set up in his name, and Liz Greene was the first winner. On 21 January 2019 there will be another lunar eclipse again at 0º Leo – what this may presage is open to analysis. 

Before that, Uranus enters Taurus on 15 May 2018, activating 0º Leo. The next lunar eclipse (on 21 January 2019) will occur between two points of Uranus ingressing Taurus: in retrograde Uranus crosses 0º Taurus in mid-October 2018, and again in direct motion in early March 2019 (but in his own ‘shadow’). Finally, we have to mention the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in 2020 (20 December) at 0º Aquarius, which will mark a very important and new age for the AA.

Finally I have a few more personal remarks to make. My thanks to those AA members who gave me their chart for research purposes. Other charts I found at www.astro.com and the AA website.

I myself have the 3/9 axis across 29º Capricorn/29º Cancer, so quite probably this explains why I got to write this piece! The synastry between me and the AA is highly constructive, as may be seen from the charts. But, there is a memory from a previous life, since my draconic Ascendant is at 22º Gemini, across from the AA’s Saturn at 21º Sagittarius!

On the transition from 29º Cancer to 0º Leo – I should explain that this marks the shift from darkness to the light. Cancer is ruled by the Moon (night), while Leo is ruled by the Sun (day). It is the spot on our bodies where the two eyes meet and we call it the Third Eye, the spot between the eyebrows (the Moon – the left eye, the Sun – the right eye). At this spot within the zodiac our intelligence is at its highest and we see into the future.

I wish the AA happy birthday, and hope to meet you all…in the future…. 

Smiljana Gavrančić & Roy Gillett (48th AA Conference 2016, Cambridge, England, UK)

Birth data
John Addey: 15 June 1920, 8:15 am, Barnsley, UK (RR: A)
Charles Harvey: 22 June 1940, 9:16 am, Little Bookham, UK (RR: A)
Charles E.O. Carter: 31 January, 1887, 11:01 pm, Parkstone, England, UK (RR:A)
Alan Leo: 7 August, 1860, 5:49 am, Westminster, England, UK (RR:A)
Victor Olliver: 23 May 1957, approx. 2:00 am, Brighton, UK
Wendy Stacey:  3 August 1968, 09:35 pm, Invercargill, New Zeland
Roy Gillett: 10 February 1938, 2:30 am, London, UK (RR: A)
Astrological Association: 21 June 1958, 8:22 pm, London, UK
Nicholas Campion: 4 March 1953, 00:10, Bristol, England, UK (RR: AA)
Smiljana Gavrančić: 30 January 1980, 1:40 am, Kikinda, Serbia


 Smiljana Gavrančić  studied astrology at the Institute for Astrological Research and Education in Belgrade (Serbia), graduating in October 2010, after studying International Law at Belgrade University. In March 2011 she became ISAR CAP. Her speciality is mundane astrology, and she is practices karmic/hermetic astrology, astrology of degrees/archetypes (mythology, fixed stars) and synastry.  Her writings have appeared in  The Astrological Journal, The Mountain Astrologer blog, ISAR’s International Astrologer, and Geocosmic Journal (NCGR). Astrodienst (astro.com)  republished her work, too. Smiljana is the editor, founder and owner of IAM –  Infinity Astrological Magazine which is the part of Alexandria iBase Project and Astrodienst. She was a speaker at conferences and workshops in Serbia, Brazil, United Kingdom (48th AA Conference Cambridge 2016 and The Astrological Lodge of London), Greece. In January 2018 she founded her Astro Center  IAM INΦINITY - Αθήνα Center.  Smiljana blogs in Serbian and English at: www.astrologsmiljanagavrancic.blogspot.com  . You can find out more about IAM at www.infinityastrologicalmagazine.com  Contact: smiljana.gavrancic@gmail.com

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Impeachment in American History & Fixed Star Algol The Ladies & The Trump Published: 18th March, 2018 I Author: Smiljana Gavrančić

Impeachment in American History &  Fixed Star Algol
The Ladies & The Trump
Published: 18th  March, 2018 I Author: Smiljana Gavrančić 

This article was published in the Geocosmic Journal by NCGR - spring 2018 issue

Impeachment is the process against government official – a formal statement of charges that does not necessarily mean removal from the office, but it is a serious situation for the president or any other high official or representative and the first step towards moving out of the White House.  

Technically, impeachment is the formal charge against the official passed by the Congress and it does not have to be related to “trial” or “criminal act uncovering”.

After debate in the House of Representatives, the legislative body votes on the document of Judiciary Committee, and if got majority of votes the president is considered impeached.

After that, the document of Judiciary Committee is sent to Senate for consideration and “trial”.

The defendant presents his defense, and if two-thirds majority in Senate votes against the president – the president is removed from the office.

Trump’s administration is full of scandals, from sexual affairs to his “suspicious” ties to Russia. FBI and CIA are also involved in all that.

 So far, three American presidents were faced with impeachment proceedings: Andrew Johnson, who offered amnesty to Confederation officials and vetoed protection of human rights of former slaves, Richard Nixon for "Watergate" affair and Bill Clinton, for "Lewinski" affair.

None of them, however, was officially impeached – Johnson and Clinton were acquitted by the Senate, while Nixon resigned before the end of impeachment proceedings.

When somebody is faced with the threat of losing the position, the malefic fixed star Algol at 26° Taurus is to be suspected, as well as the degree of Sun’s fall - 19º Libra. In my long research work I have discovered that the degree of Sun’s fall (life, head) is related to Russia itself, while Moscow (the capital of Russia) is tightly related to Algol. There, life is somehow always jeopardized, here important heads (rulers) “fall”. Through all historically relevant events related to Russia, this malefic star and/or the degree of Sun’s fall (19º Libra) were always active.You can read here: Russia and 19 Libra

United States has in its chart the Moon (the ruler of the Sun – the president, at 13° Cancer) at  26º Aquarius, calling out 26º Taurus (i.e. Algol).

Algol is very prominent in charts of Johnson, Nixon, Clinton and finally Trump. How? Johnson has the Moon at 26º Taurus (the present position of this star).Nixon has Saturn at 27º Taurus, and Saturn is the ruler of the Mercury (which is the ruler of Asc and MC) and the Sun (essential signifier of the rule) in Capricorn. Clinton has the Moon (ruler of MC - reputation) at 20º Taurus, which is also a close conjunction with Algol, since the Moon moves fast. Trump has MC at Algol!

On February 24, 1868 the US Congress started impeachment proceedings for the first time in American history against the President of United States. Then President was Andrew Johnson. In his chart, Johnson has the Moon (ruler of MC – his reputation) exactly at the star Algol, at 26° Taurus, opposing Saturn (system, rules) at 29º Scorpio. In Solar Arc directions of USA for that moment I found the Moon at 24º Taurus, which was then position of Algol (because fixed stars move 1° in 72 years), but I thought immediately – this is Trump’s MC?! Exactly at 24° Taurus, the present President of USA has his MC (his reputation).

Saturn came to the Sun of US, at 13° Cancer on August 8, 1974, and only one day later, on August 9, 1974Richard Nixon resigned and avoided the official impeachment. United States has in its chart the Sun (president) in square with Saturn in 12th house (secret services) in Libra, so transit of Saturn in August 1974 across the Sun of US marked the end of Nixon’s rule. I have to emphasize that I use Asc of US at 8º Scorpio (the source is Mark Penfield “Horoscope of America and Canada”) and according to that the Saturn is in 12th house. That chart has worked for me for all those years and I believe it is a good channel for me. But, the interesting detail here is the following: in Solar Arc directions, Asc of US was at 24º Taurus (Trump’s MC), while IC/MC axis was across 2º Virgo/2º Pisces. Why is this axis important? Because in this year, 2018, Trump has his progressed Sun at 2° Virgo and he shares that with Nixon! Due to this shared characteristic with Nixon (2º Virgo) it may be concluded that Trump might be the second President in US history to be retiring from the office? Trump and Nixon share one more characteristic: they are both Republicans! Johnson and Clinton were Democrats!

During his impeachment proceedings (February 1999), Bill Clinton had progressed MC (reputation) at 26º Leo (the position of Trump’s Mars), which also “calls out” Algol at 26° Taurus and the Moon of US at 26° Aquarius! At the same time, in Solar Arc directions Clinton had Asc/Desc axis across 26º Scorpio/26º Taurus. Do I have to say that the progressed Sun of US (the President) then was at 24º Aquarius, in square with 24º Taurus (Trump’s MC)? But, the progressed Sun of Clinton was at 17° Libra in that 1999, the position of Trump’s natal Jupiter (affairs, laws), but also of Trump’s secondary progressed Venus that represents his reputation since it rules his MC – at 24° Taurus (Algol). Trump’s progressed Venus reaching natal Jupiter in 2nd house may bring him some financial scandals. But, at that time Saturn did not attack the Sun of US, just like in Andrew Johnson’s case. In both Johnson and Clinton cases Jupiter was at 16º Pisces. Now, Jupiter is in Scorpio. 

So, the only US President who resigned the office and avoided impeachment was Richard Nixon, and that happened at the time when transit Saturn (the check) came to the Sun (president) of USA!

 Soon, on January 16, 2019, Saturn shall make the first opposition with the Sun (president) in US chart. In that chart transit Moon is at 24º Taurus (Trump’s MC)! This is a huge sign! It may be the moment of bringing the verdict in the case of US President, for Saturn is the one to control and judge if not in accordance with rules.

Before that, on October 12, 2018, the Jupiter (law, affairs, scandals) will touch Trump’s IC, and through that his MC at 24° Taurus as well, and that may be the “trigger” for impeachment. It will also be the time of retrograde Venus in Scorpio, so the reason may be equally sexual scandals, “dirty money” and secret services. It is interesting that in the chart for that moment (placed in Washington D.C.), the Sun (president) is in 8th house, which is not good for the president, but even more interesting is its position at 19º Libra (the degree of Sun’s fall, the degree I associate with Russia, as I have already mentioned).

 But, since the Sun (the ruler) of US is on the largest fixed star Sirius, also known as the “Keeper of Europe”, but also for the “next to the first”, I find the fact that the Vice President Mike Pence has retrograde Jupiter exactly at 24º Scorpio, i.e. at Trump’s IC/MC axis very interesting. This might easily be the sign that Pence may be the part of possible scandal.

 On the possible involvement of Russia, apart from all the mentioned degrees that appear on October 12, 2018, I wish to add the following: Trump’s Jupiter in Solar Arc directions in October 2018 is at 26º Sagittarius (Putin’s Mars is here, but also the Mars of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, and both Angela and Putin have “out-of-bounds” Mars). The most powerful ones rule from 26° Sagittarius (Galactic center), and that very degree is in quincunx aspect (150°) with 26º Taurus (Algol). One more interesting fact is that secondary MC, progressed Sun and progressed Venus of Republican Party (Trump’s party) shall be at 26º Sagittarius, so finally his own may vote for impeachment.Republican Party of US is Libra rising, so its Venus in progressions is very important to follow. Its MC is at 13º Cancer (Sirius), its Sun is at 14º  Cancer, and Saturn will make an opposition with MC of Republicans, too (January 2019). And, after all, the Moon in the chart of Republicans is at 24º Scorpio (Trump's IC and Mike Pence's Jupiter). 

In the other hand, Democratic Party has MC at 24º Taurus, the same as Trump's MC!

In October 2018, Trump’s secondary Asc will come to 26º Libra (the position of Hitler’s Asc) and it will make 150 º aspect (quincunx) with 26º Taurus (Algol). Solar Arc directions Sun of US is also at 26º Taurus. 

Finally, tertiary Sun (president) of US will be on Algol (26° Taurus) on October 12, 2018. Tertiary Sun moves at the same rate as secondary Moon (1º in one month, so I often consider it).

In order to have Trump impeached, his 10th house must imply such a thing. First, MC on Algol is one sign in favor of impeachment. The position of MC on the star that was active in all previous cases of impeachment is the starting point to make us suspicious of that. Further on, the ruler of his 10th house is the Venus in Cancer in conjunction with “bad” Saturn in Cancer, so system and rules might pull him down under, for Saturn is in exile in Cancer. Also added to this mix is the square with Jupiter (law, affairs) in Libra, as well as the quincunx aspect with the Moon at 21º Sagittarius.   

In my research work I have found that all members of secret services and organizations (FBI, CIA, KGB, etc.), as well as masons, have active fixed star Atria (constellation of Southern Triangle) that is positioned at 21º Sagittarius. Interestingly, the axis 22º Gemini/22º Sagittarius is the axis across which one becomes the President of the US, which would imply the involvement of those services and organizations in the election of US President! Just remember the Georg Bush senior, he has the Sun at 21º-22º Gemini, and he was the Director of CIA! Trump became president because that axis was active in his chart, and Mike Pence has his Mercury at 21º Gemini. Bill Clinton became president because in progressions that degree was activated, which was also the case with JFK and with all other presidents in the history of America, from George Washington, through the first one who lived in the White House (John Adams), up to the present one (Trump). This topic I covered in my article 
The White House and 22 Gemini

Uranus will enter Taurus on May 15, 2018, and if the chart is positioned for Washington D.C., there is axis Asc/Desc across 8º Leo/8º Aquarius, calling out the Asc/Desc axis of USA (8º Scorpio/8º Taurus). But, before all there is the Moon on Algol, at 26º Taurus, and the Sun at 24º Taurus (Trump’s MC). Just a bit later, in July 2018, there is Solar Return for US, and Asc in that Solar Return for 2018 is exactly at 24º Taurus, the degree of Trump’s MC (reputation), which is the spot that has been active in all impeachment cases through history. 


Impičment U Američkoj Istoriji Fiksna Zvezda Algol Objavljeno: 18. Marta, 2018 I Autor: Smiljana Gavrančić

Impičment U Američkoj Istoriji 
Fiksna Zvezda Algol
Objavljeno: 18. Marta, 2018 I Autor: Smiljana Gavrančić
Impičment je proces opoziva sa funkcije, proces koji ne mora nužno da znači uklanjanje sa položaja, ali  to je ozbiljna situacija za predsednika ili bilo kod visokog državnog zvaničnika i predstavlja prvi korak ka selidbi iz Bele Kuće. 

Tehnički, "impičment" je formalna optužba protiv službenika koju izdaje Kongres i ne mora da ima veze sa "suđenjem" ili "pronalaskom krivičnog dela".

Posle debate u Predstavničkom domu,  zakonodavno telo glasa o dokumentu Komiteta sudija, a ako dobije većinu glasova, predsednik se smatra svrgnutim.

Potom,  dokument Komiteta sudija ide u Senat, na razmatranje i "suđenje".

Optuženi izlaže odbranu, a ako dvotrećinska većina u Senatu glasa protiv predsednika – predsednik je razrešen funkcije.

Trampova administracija je prepuna skandala, počev od seksualnih afera pa sve do njegovih „sumnjivih“ veza sa Rusijom. U sve su to upetljane i tajne službe, FBI i CIA.

Do sada su tri američka predsednika bila suočena sa postupkom opoziva: Andrew Johnson, koji je ponudio amnestiju zvaničnicima Konfederacije i stavio veto na zaštitu ljudskih prava bivših robova, Richard Nixon zbog afere "Watergate", i Bill Clinton , zbog afere "Levinski".

Nijedan od njih, međutim, nije bio i zvanično opozvan, Johnsonu i Clintonu je kasnije Senat ukazao poverenje, dok je Nixon  podneo ostavku pre okončanja procesa impičmenta. 


Kada nekom preti pad sa položaja, mi možemo da posumnjamo da je aktivna malefična, fiksna zvezda Algol koja se danas nalazi na oko 26º Bika, zatim stepen pada Sunca, tj. 19º Vage. U svom dugogodišnjem istraživačkom radu otkrila sam da se upravo stepen pada Sunca (život, glava) vezuje ni manje ni više nego za Rusiju, dok je sama Moskva (glavni grad Rusije) upravo u tesnoj vezi sa Algolom. Život je ovde uvek nekako ugrožen, ovde bitne glave (vladari) „padaju“. Kroz sve istorijiski relevantne dogđaje, vezane za Rusiju, uvek je bila aktivna ova malefična zvezda, i/ili stepen pada Sunca (19º Vage). 

Sjedinjne Države imaju u svom chartu Mesec (vladar Sunca-predsednik, sa 13º Raka) na 26º Vodolije, što samim tim proziva 26º Bika (tj. Algol). 

Algol je vrlo naglašen kod Johnsona, Nixona, Clintona i konačno Trumpa. Kako? Johnson ima Mesec na 26º Bika (što je današnja pozicija ove zvezde).Nixon na 27º Bika ima Saturna, a Saturn mu je vladar Merkura (koji mu je vladar Asc i MC-a) i Sunca (esencijalnog signifikatora za vladanje) iz Jarca. Clinton ima Mesec (vladar MC-reputacija) na 20º Bika, što je isto bliska konjunkcija sa Algolom, budući da se Mesec brzo kreće. Trump ima MC na Algolu!


Kongres SAD je 24. Februara, 1868 prvi put u američkoj istoriji pokrenuo postupak opoziva (impičment) protiv predsednika SAD. Radilo se o gore pomenutom Andrew Johnsonu. Sam Johnson ima u svom chartu Mesec (vladar MC – njegova reputacija) upravo na pomenutoj zvezdi Algol, tj. na 26º Bika, u opoziciji sa Saturnom (sistem, pravila) na 29º Škorpiona. U Solar Arc direkcijama SAD za taj momenat našla sam Mesec na 24º Bika, što jeste tada bila pozicija Algola (jer se fiksne zvezde pomeraju 1º za 72 god.), ali sam odmah pomislila – pa ovo je Trumpov MC?! Upravo na 24º Bika, trenutni predsednik SAD ima MC (njegova reputacija). 

Saturn je došao na Sunce SAD, tj. na 13º Raka, 8. Avgusta, 1974, a samo dan kasnije, 9. Avgusta, 1974 – Richard Nixon je podneo ostavku i tako izbegao impičment. Sjedinjene Države imaju u svom chartu Sunce (predsednik) u kvadratu sa Saturnom iz  12. polja (tajne službe)Vage, te tranzit Saturna avgusta 1974 preko Sunca SAD je označio i kraj vladavine Nixona.  Moram da nagalsim da ja koristim Asc SAD 8º Škorpiona (izvor je Mark Penfield „Horoscope of America and Canada“) i da po tome Saturn se nalazi u 12. Polju. Taj chart radi za mene sve ove godine, i smatram da je dobar kanal za mene. No, ono što je ovde zanimljivo je sledeće: u Solar Arc direkcijama Asc SAD se našao na 24º Bika (Trumpov MC), dok je osa IC/MC išla preko 2º Device/2º Riba. Zašto pominjem sad ovu osu? Zato što Trump baš ove, 2018, ima progresivno Sunce na 2º Device, i to je ono što je zajedničko za Nixona i Trumpa! I baš zbog ove zajedničke crte sa Nixonom (2º Device) možemo zaključiti da Trump može biti drugi predsednik u istoriji SAD koji se možda povlači sa funkcije? Za Trumpa i Nixona zajedničko je i ovo: obojica su republikanci! Johnson i Clinton su demokrate!

Bill Clinton je imao tokom procesa impičmenta (Februar 1999) progresivni MC (reputacija) na 26º Lava (gde Trump ima Marsa), što takođe „proziva“ Algol sa 26º Bika, kao i Mesec SAD sa 26º Vodolije! U isto vreme, u Solar Arc direkcijama Clinton ima osu Asc/Desc preko 26º Škorpiona/26º Bika. Da li treba da napomenem da je tada, progresivno Sunce (predsednik) SAD bilo na 24º Vodolije, i kvadriralo 24º Bika (Trumpov MC)? No, i progresivno Sunce Clintona se te 1999 god našlo na 17º Vage, gde je Trumpov natalni Jupiter (afere, zakoni), ali i Trumpova sekundarno progresivna Venera koja upravo predstavlja njegovu reputaciju budući da je vladar njegovog MC-a sa 24º Bika (Algol). Dolazak Trumpove progresivne Venere na natalni Jupiter u 2. polju i te kako može da mu donese i finansijske skandale. No, Saturn tada nije napadao Sunce SAD, baš kao ni u slučaju Andrew Johnsona. Zanimljivo da je Jupiter i u slučaju Johnson i u slučaju Clinton bio na 16º Riba. Sada je Jupiter u Škorpionu. 


Dakle, jedini u istoriji predsednik SAD koji je podneo ostavku i izbegao impičment je Richard Nixon, i baš u vreme njegove vladavine Saturn (provera) je došao na Sunce (predsednik) SAD!

Saturn će uskoro, 16. Januara, 2019, da napravi prvu opoziciju na Sunce (predsednik)iz charta SAD. U tom chartu nalazim tranzitni Mesec na 24º Bika (Trumpov MC)! Ovo je više nego veliki znak!To može biti momenat kada će predsedniku SAD-a biti presuđeno, jer je Saturn taj koji kontroliše i konačno presuđuje ako nešto nije u skladu sa pravilima. 

Pre toga, 12. Oktobra, 2018, Jupiter (zakon, afere, skandali) će dotaći Trumpov IC, pa samim tim i njegov MC sa 24º Bika, i taj momenat može biti „okidač“ za impičment. To će biti ujedno i vreme retrogradne Venere u Škorpionu i razlog mogu biti podjednako – seksualni skandal, ali i„prljavi novac“, tajne službe. Zanimljivo je da u chartu za taj momenat (postavljeno za Washington D.C.) Sunce (predsednik) je u 8. polju, što nije povoljno za predsnika, ali još zanimljivije je da će ono biti pozicionirano na 19º Vage (stepen pada Sunca, i stepen koji u svom istraživačkom radu vezujem upravo za Rusiju, što sam gore u tekstu i rekla). 

 No, kako je Sunce (vladar) SAD na najvećoj fiksnoj zvezdi Sirius, koja se još zove i „Čuvar Evrope“, ali i za „prvog do prvog“ meni pada u oči i činjenica da potpredsednik Mike Pence ima retrogradnog Jupitera upravo na 24º Škorpiona, tj na Trumpovoj osi IC/MC. Ovo može lako biti znak da i Pence može biti deo mogućeg skandala.

O mogućoj umešanosti Rusiji , pored pomenutih gore stepenova koji se pojavljuju 12. Oktobra 2018, dodajem i sledeće: Trumpov Jupiter i Solar Arc direkcijama je oktobra 2018 na 26º Strelca (Putinov Mars je ovde, ali i Mars od nemačke kancelarke Angele Merkel, i oboje i Angela i Putin imaju Marsa  „out-of-bounds“). Sa 26º Strelca (Centar Galaksije) vladaju moćni, najmoćniji, i upravo taj stepen gradi aspekt inkonjunkcije (150º) sa 26º Bika (Algol). Zanimljivo je da na 26º Strelca će se naći i sekundarni MC, progresivno Sunce i progresivna Venera Republikanske stranke (što je Trumpova stranka), pa konačno i njegovi mogu biti deo ovog procesa, tj .glasati za opoziv Trumpa. Republikanci su Vaga Asc, pa samim tim Venera je bitna i u progresijama. Vrh MC-a ove stranke se nalazi na pomentuom Siriusu, tj. na Suncu SAD-a, pa dolazak Saturna tranzitnog u opoziciju i sa MC-om i Suncem Republikanaca može biti izazovno vreme. Konačno, pogledajte poziciju Meseca u chartu Republikanaca - radi se o 24º Škorpiona (Trumpova IC/MC osa je pokrenuta, kao i retrogradni Jupiter prvog uz prvog-Mike Pencea).

Demokratska stranka ima MC isto na 24º Bika, baš kao i Trump!
Trumpov sekundarni Asc će oktobra 2018 biti na 26º Vage (što je i mesto Hitlerovog Asc) i takođe graditi 150º (inkonjunkciju) sa 26º Bika (Algol). Na 26º Bika je i Asc u Solar Arc direkcijama SAD.
Konačno, i tercijarno Sunce (predsednik) SAD-a će 12. Oktobra 2018 biti baš na Algolu (26º Bika). Tercijarno Sunce se kreće isto kao i sekundarni Mesec (1º za 1 mesec te ga ja često uzimam u obzir).
Da bi Trump zaista mogao da bude opozvan, njegovo 10.polje mora da ukazuje na to. Prvo, MC na Algolu je već prvi znak. Sama pozicija MC na toj zvezdi koja je bila aktivna u svim prethodnim slučajevima impičmenta je početni korak da posumnjamo. Dalje, vladar njegove 10 je Venera u Raku u konjunciji sa „lošim“Saturnom u Raku, pa i te kako sistem i pravila mogu da ga povuku dole, jer Saturn  u Raku je u izgonu. Svemu dodajem kvadrat sa Jupiterom (zakon, afere) iz Vage, kao i aspekt inkonjunkcije sa Mesecom sa 21º Strelca.  

U svom istraživačkom radu kod svih pripadnika tajnih služba (FBI, CIA, KGB, itd.), kao i kod masonerije, našla sam aktivnu fiksnu zvezdu Atria (konstelacija Southern Triangle-Južni Trougao) koja baš se nalazi oko 21º Strelca. Zanimljivo, osa 22º Blizanaca/22º Strelca je i osa preko koje se postaje predsednik SAD, što bi značilo u startu umešanost pomenutih službi u izbor predsednika SAD-a! Setite se i samog Georga Busha starijeg, on ima Sunce na 21º-22º Blizanaca a bio je direktor CIA! Trump je i postao predsednik jer je ta osa kod njega bila aktivna, na primer Mike Pence ima Merkura na 21º Blizanaca, Bill Clinton je postao predsednik jer mu je u progresijama taj stepen bio aktivan, isto je bio slučaj i sa JFK, kao i sa svim ostalim predsednicma u istorji Americi, počev Georga Washingtona, preko  prvog koji je živeo u Beloj Kući (Johna Adamsa), pa sve do sadašnjeg (Trumpa). O tome ste mogli već čitati u mom članku Bela Kuća i 22º Blizanaca

Uran ulazi u Bika 15. Maja, 2018, i ako chart postavimo za Washington D.C., mi vidimo osu Asc/Desc preko 8º Lava/8º Vodolije, što proziva osu Asc/Desc USA (8º Škorpiona/8º Bika). No, pre svega vidimo Mesec na Algolu, na 26º Bika, a Sunce na 24º Bika (Trumpov MC). Samo malo kasnije, tokom Jula 2018,  dešava se Solarni Povratak za SAD, i Asc u Solarnom Povrataku za 2018 biće ni manje ni više nego na 24º Bika, što je stepen Trumpovog MC-a (reputicija), što je mesto koje je bilo aktivno kroz sve slučajeve impičmenta kroz istoriju.

‘Sensitive’ degrees in the AA chart Published: 20th April, 2018 I Author: Smiljana Gavrančić This article was first published in The Astrological Journal March/April 2018

‘Sensitive’ degrees in the AA chart Published: 20th April, 2018 I Author: Smiljana Gavrančić This article was first published in ...